Reproductive child health

Community Served:-Reproductive Child Health Project being implemented in unserved and under served village of Rudrapur block of U.S.Nagar . in this project survey have been conducted by the NGO. Survey was based on reproductive health of women’s and adolescent and health status of children of 0-6 year.

To increase the status of complete ANC, intitutational delivery and complete child immunization.
To increase the status of male sterilization, copper-t Condom uses and female sterilization.
To decrease percentage of girls marriage before 18 years, and teenage pregnancy.
To reduce reproductive infection among men and women.
To increase the sex ratio in the unserved and under served village.


To the fulfill the objectives following strategy have been adopted

Base line survey
Liasaning and networking

Main outcome

The status of reproductive and child health base line survey conducted in the village and out comes are an under-

Complete ANC was 16%, institutional delivery was 34% and complete child immunization was 47%.
Male sterilization was zero, 01% women inserted Cu-T,OCP users was 5%, condom users were 41% and female sterilization was 42%.
68% girls marriage before 18 years and teenage pregnancy was 42% .
79% women and 23% men affected from RTI.
Sex ratio was 916.

Evaluation method employed

Following method have been used to evaluate the activities conducted-

Field visit by chief and cross checking of survey formats
Monthly meeting and action plan
Focus group discussion

Evaluation Result

Evaluation helped to fellow the right process of survey and helped in the actual situation of women and children’s health.