National Population Register(NPR)

There are several major project activities being performed under the NPR Project. These include house listing by enumerator, scanning of NPR schedules, data digitization, biometric enrolment and consolidation, LRUR correction and validation, deduplication by UIDAI and issuance of AADHAR number, and consolidation of cleansed data at ORGI. There is also a proposal to issue identity/smart card.

Project Activities

Out of the above-mentioned activities, the first two activities, i.e.
(i)   The house-to-house data collection by enumerator and
(ii) Scanning of NPR Schedules have been completed.
Both these activities were directly undertaken by RGI. The first activity was carried out during Census Operations 2011. The second activity was carried out in the months following the census.

In the house-to-house data collection by enumerator, following details have been gathered by the designated enumerators by visiting each and every household:y household:

Name of the person
Name of the person as should appear in National Population Register
Relationship to Head
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Educational Qualification
Name(s) of father, mother and spouse in full
Place of Birth
Nationality as declared
Present address of usual residence
Duration of stay at present address
Permanent residential address